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Star Canada TV

We all know how the Canadian diaspora has become an integral part of the Indian subcontinent. At Star Canada TV, we aim to take this spirit and fervor further. Star Canada TV is a 24/7 infotainment channel that provides the watchers of Canada access to programs available in India! Basically, this channel is available in many commonly used Indian languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, and of course, English. You can experience the feeling of being in India from Canada as well now!

Watch your favorite childhood shows, as well as keeping up with the latest news in India, all on one channel. Depending on your subscription, you can subscribe to various regions at once.

About us

We all are aware of the importance of news in our lives. When you are far away in Canada and wish to get the latest news and updates from India, Star Canada TV will be the perfect support for you. Considering that many diaspora Indians are based in Canada, we thought it would be a great thing to get an exclusive channel for them.

The channel will bring exciting video news, infotainment programs, as well as entertainment gossips for viewers in Canada. We make sure that the Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, and English speaking communities of Canada enjoy the privilege of watching their best shows.

Channel you can subscribe to

You can subscribe to the classic TV programs in India. Get your daily dose of the latest Bollywood hits from the music channels that Star Canada TV offers. And of course, you have the sports channel, (where you can see cricket and footballs matches that go down in India), entertainment news portal, as well as a distinctive division specifically dedicated to Indian political news.

What you can expect from the channels

Although we do feature most of the Indian shows, music and news, we also feature the latest movies and news in Canada. Star Canada TV aims to be a multipurpose channel where you can get the best of both worlds. Star Canada TV delves into both cultures and informs the viewers of the ongoing for both countries. If you desire more you can also get weekly top songs listened to in Canada, as well as in India.

You will have access to business channels, cooking channels, geographic channels and everything you could possibly want from one subscription. You can easily change and customize your subscription to add or remove as many channels as you would like. Don’t forget to tune into the sports channel for a daily dose of your favorite sport!

Targeting all age groups

Utmost satisfaction for viewers is all that we wish to offer. With Star Canada TV, viewers from all age groups can enjoy their favorite shows. Whether it’s the latest updates or news on current affairs, there’s always something for the excited viewers. 

What our webpage offers

You can see the programs list on our website, to find out which channels feature your favourite TV shows. You can see popular videos, the latest news and the stock market. There are certain things that we feature live as well. If you are residing in Canada, Don’t waste another moment, and subscribe to our channel today.